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„Safe roads are the bones of civilization.“
Patrick Rothfuss  
The company Lorient Services provides logistic services for freight transport for countries
of Europe and Asia.

Lorient Services specializes in the cargo support and protection, including armed escort, and provides services for outsize cargo execution and escort.

Lorient Services employs competent and highly skilled experts with professional knowledge in the field of logistics and cargo protection. They develop for you the best and profitable route, so that your freight will arrive in time safely.

Thanks to our long experience and a large number of partners worldwide we can effectively manage the freight transport. The company Lorient Services LP will not only find, but also implement the effective solution for your business.

Cargo support

For the freight transport are relevant not only special legal regulations, but also a high degree of safety.

Cargo support by transport with the Lorient Services company includes personnel, organizational and technical means as a partner in the field of transport and logistics.

Cargo support by transport by air includes secure compartments for your goods and monitoring of the goods receipt, issue both by our technical means and by trained staff.

Our consulting services on transport safety include, inter alia, information about reliable supply chains and known shippers.

Our services in the field of the cargo support cover tracking of your goods on land, transported by truck or train, through the latest GPS and GSM technology, as well as by means of armed or unarmed personnel.

The communication with you and the security forces is always at the forefront for us.

If the listed cargo support services do not
meet your demand for goods protection during transport,
please let us know — we will offer you an individual or expanded security concept.

Safety from A to Z — our European customers trust us for many years.
Ask our experts for the solution for you.

Outsize cargo

The experts of Lorient Services can quickly and efficiently organize the delivery of your heavy and/or outsize cargo to Eastern Europe or the CIS countries. By selecting different transportation modes, including intermodal freight transport on land and sea, we implement the optimal in all aspects logistic solution for the delivery of your goods to the consignee.

Our employees undertake the organization and conduct of all preparation and transport phases, such as: transport carrier selection, development of suitable routes, obtaining the necessary permits, approval with various local and foreign authorities, monitoring the compliance with regulations and requirements for the transport of outsize cargo.